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Choosing Your Wedding Cake - What Should You Look Out For?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Lace & Pearls

|| Quality

The reason you would go to a store to buy some cupcakes or a cake loaf is because you like/love how it tastes, and the texture (if you’re a cake lover like we are!). A wedding cake could be pricey, so you want to make sure you’re not just paying for the looks!

|| Customer service

This is almost everything! The way you’re attended to when you call or send an email to inquire, the follow up and the ambiance/aura from your cake designer, are KEY! If they take care of you and put your mind at ease leading up to the day, then your day will be no different!

|| Testimonials

It provides a peace of mind when a cake designer is tried and tested. Look out for what previous clients have to say about them, and if you’re pleased with what you see/hear, this could be a green light. We're all for trying out upcoming cake designers too - speak to them and if all the other criteria mentioned here are ticked, hire them!

|| Reliability

This ties in with Testimonials. If they have a record for being reliable, their word being their bond, then this is a go-area!


|| Style

If you have a theme for your wedding (colours, movie or music genre, etc.), it’s likely that you would want your wedding cake to tie in with this theme. We think it's important for your wedding cake to represent the couple that you are - traditional, hybrid or experimental. It is imperative to understand that the more complex the design of your cake is, the more you’re likely to have to pay for it.

|| Price

You are paying for time! A lot of people tend to think wedding cakes should be cheap and cheerful, but if you want a skyscraper, it’s not built in a day! Try not to think about it as just ingredients, but the time that’s taken to create by delicate hands, the thought process that goes into, the flexibility your cake designer puts into, your beautiful design...that’s what you’re paying for.

In that order, yes.

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