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Core - Who We Are

A luxurious cake design brand which aims to grace your day with added sweetness, by creating masterpieces that you don't only get to stare at - err, who doesn't like a piece of cake?

VISION: To excel in and eventually maintain a forefront position in the cake industry through indisputable customer service and palatable distinction in luxury and niche-flavour cakes.

MISSION: To cater to deluxe events of all genres, being dependable and providing customers with the best quality of cake products and services.

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  • Exceptional hygiene standards of staff and working environment.

  • Excellence in quality of raw materials & products.

  • Exquisite taste of products - moistness, richness and freshness.

  • Innovation in flavours and palettes - dynamic and ever-growing.

  • Consistency in taste and quality of products.

  • Continuous improvement in recipes and processes.

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Customer Service

  • Client experience - our goal is for you to be pleased with not only the outcome, but also with the process from start to finish.

  • Integrity - we are honest and of good character.

  • Credibility - our word is our bond.

  • Flexibility - we bend over backwards, and go over & beyond for your desired outcome.

  • Friendliness - we are friendly and listen to you, so as to fulfil your every need.

  • Product and process knowledge - we have good and full knowledge of our products and processes.

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